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You’ve gotta marvel at the newest movie to the Marvel Universe: Captain Marvel. Source: via Eddie Makuch It seems Marvel movies never seem to escape the rise to fame when it comes to record-breaking debuts at the box office. The Stan Lee-made movie had made a total of $455 million on the weekend of it’s […]

The movie famous ship with Jack and Rose, the Titanic, is making a comeback! Souce: via Alexander Deabler A replica of the ship, The Titanic II, is said to set sail in 2022 following the same exact trail that the original ship had attempted prior: Southampton, England to New York. Announced in 2012 in […]

Everybody loves a good childhood star as we watch them grow into more complex and popular roles, and American comedian, actress, and fashion designer Amanda Bynes certainly fits that trope! We’ve seen her mature from her child star roles in shows such as All That! and The Amanda Show into bigger roles in sitcoms and […]

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