Month: May 2020

Here are my favorite feel good movies that will either make you smile or cry or BOTH! 1. OCTOBER SKY Starring JAKE GYLLENHALL Set in the 50’s where we meet a young man who’s made it possible for us to go into space. 2. HIDDEN FIGURES Where math and science collide. We explore the segregation […]

Here are my quarantine favorites!  1. Cheetos jalapeño with French onion dip  ITS A FREAKEN GAME CHANGER! 2. Açaí bowl with granola with some of your favorite fruits!  A great way to cool down during the hot afternoons. 3. Toasted Double peanut butter and jelly sandwich  UGH! With a cold glass of milk. TRUST ME. ITS […]

TOTALLY BINGE WORTHY! 1. AVATAR, THE LAST AIRBENDER  (Netflix) If you’re looking for adventure with the ability to control the 4 elements Earth, Fire, Water and Air… THIS SHOW IS DEFINITELY A MUST WATCH!  2. SUPERSTORE! (Hulu) Ever wondered what it would be like to work in a grocery store that has EVERYTHING? Well here’s […]

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