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Somtimes all you need a cute carpet and maybe some air plants. Even just cleaning and tidying things help really makes a HUGE difference of the space. whether its your bedroom or even your living room. CHANGE THINGS UP IN YOUR HOME! and trust me CHANGE is good. TRY IT!

VIA/MTV Over the past few years, Ed Sheeran has become less and less of a presence in the social-media sphere. If he’s not touring or promoting his music, he tends to log off, and he announced in December 2019 that he would do exactly that: “I’m just gonna take a breather to travel, write and read.” He said he’d […]

FRESH PAINT! A fresh new wall of paint looks so beautiful! PLANT FRUITS AND VEGETABLES! Nothing is more fulfilling when you harvest fruits and veggies that YOUVE grown yourself!

via/Billboard Now, this is a story all about how our lives got flipped turned right-side-up ever since Will Smith posted a pair of heartfelt reunion photos from the 30th anniversary of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which included the original Aunt Viv. read full story here:

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