A. Rod + J. Lo Full Steam Ahead!

Written by on March 28, 2019

Behind the scenes of Jennifer Lopez’s new movie Hustlers, Cosmopolitan had spotted Lopez and her husband-to-be as he was *ahem* appreciating her assets. Alexander Rodriguez was caught with his hands all around her booty.

Source: Brides.com via Jennifer Milliner-Waddell

The couple has said that they are “really happy” following their recent engagement. It’s almost guaranteed that with celebrity marriage proposals and the what not that rumors of cheats and lies are bound to pop up, however the newly-engageds seem to be unfazed by it all! From their engagement trip up until now there has been pics of the couple flooding social media everywhere!

When they had first announced their engagement, both Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres volunteered their services for their wedding party. Even Barack Obama himself has reached out to congratulate the couple!

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