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Stuck between The Rock and a hard place? In a new interview, Tyrese Gibson admitted that airing his grievances with Dwayne Johnson was unprofessional. Source: “I found myself being the messenger on behalf of various people associated to the [Fast and Furious] franchise,” Gibson, 39, told Van Lathan in an episode of the Red […]

There wasn’t an album or a single, or even an official music video. But for one night, The Backstreet Boys​ sang country, and it was actually really good. Nick, Kevin, Brian, & House joined Shania Twain​ for a performance of her hit song ‘From This Moment’ at a show in Miami.

Source: Complex The NYPD is investigating 50 Cent after he chimed in via Instagram Thursday on the recent controversy surrounding Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez and his alleged criminal shakedown of Brooklyn’s Love & Lust club owner Imram Jairam. The post seems to have been taken down as a result of the police getting involved. According […]

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