The Underworld vampire Kate Beckinsale and American Comedian Pete Davidson were found locking lips in a car at a premiere of the Netflix film The Dirt, a biopic of the Mötley Crüe. Source: via Paige Gawley Davidson, 25-years-old, and Beckinsale, 45-years-old, reportedly arrived separately at the premiere. Later in the night, however, the two were […]

The Grammy-nominated rapper DeAndre Cortez Way, or as everybody else knows him for his alias Soulja Boy, has been arrested for violating his probation. Source: via Raechel Shewfelt Last month while under a search warrant deputies from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office had allegedly found ammunition in his house, of which breaks the terms […]

Being stated “the largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted”, among the parents, coaches and college executives being accused is one Felicity Huffman, former star on Desperate Housewives. Source: via Eric Levenson and Mark Morales The aforementioned suspects are being accused of carrying out nationwide fraud to get students into highly prestigious schools such as Yale, […]

The former Full House, and current Netflix series Fuller House, star Lori Loughlin is expected to surrender to authorities on Tuesday afternoon in Los Angeles for being connected to a college admission bribery scam. Source: via Michael Hein Loughlin, as well as 33 other parents, are being charged on account of paying their children’s way […]

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