Mariah Carey is no stranger to soaking in giant, lavish baths, whether for an interview with Jimmy Kimmel or to show off her home for MTV’s Cribs. And while she’s certainly enjoyed her glamorous soaks, she reveals in her upcoming memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, that the tub is also where she reflects and finds musical inspiration. […]

For a little over a week, Kanye West has waged a one-man war against the music industry as we know it. At a time when the value of both recorded music and publishing rights are skyrocketing and the Black Lives Matter protests are shining a light on the inequities that African-American artists face in the music business, […]

In August, Alicia Keys announced that she’ll be dipping her toes in the beauty business by partnering with E.l.f. cosmetics for a lifestyle beauty brand. Now, Keys is giving a peek inside Keys SoulCare. The singer shared a 19-second clip on social media, in which she glows against a bright blue sky while she describes what her […]

Kanye West enlisted a small army of signature gatherers in several states in order to make the presidential ballot, and even though he spent a fortune … he still came up short in spots where he dropped a lot of cash. As we reported, Kanye also spent at least $30k with LTVD in Illinois — and that ended poorly for […]

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