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Here are my quarantine favorites!  1. Cheetos jalapeño with French onion dip  ITS A FREAKEN GAME CHANGER! 2. Açaí bowl with granola with some of your favorite fruits!  A great way to cool down during the hot afternoons. 3. Toasted Double peanut butter and jelly sandwich  UGH! With a cold glass of milk. TRUST ME. ITS […]

TOTALLY BINGE WORTHY! 1. AVATAR, THE LAST AIRBENDER  (Netflix) If you’re looking for adventure with the ability to control the 4 elements Earth, Fire, Water and Air… THIS SHOW IS DEFINITELY A MUST WATCH!  2. SUPERSTORE! (Hulu) Ever wondered what it would be like to work in a grocery store that has EVERYTHING? Well here’s […]

Here’s 25 pics from the internet to prove Pharell hasn’t aged in years!

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