“Even Divas Are Believers,” of Hostels?!

Written by on April 10, 2018

Source: JESSE LOZANO via I Heart Radio-
It looks like Mariah Carey is promoting Hostels now and it’s pretty awesome.

Yes, you read it right the ultimate diva Mariah Carey is apparently actually into hostels. The singer has teamed up with Hostelworld, to help reimage the $40-a-night rooms that are mostly used by students and world-travelers.

“Even Divas Are Believers” is the name of the sketch which features a demanding Mariah accidentally arriving at a hostel instead of a hotel and when the hostel staff tells her there is a “master suite” she agrees to stay.

After approving her room, the singer is told that there is a bar and that’s when things are taken up a notch with Carey in a white-sequined gown performing “Fantasy” in the bar for backpackers and travelers.

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