Is It Possible to Party Safely at Dance Events During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Written by on October 9, 2020

Dance festival preparation is different these days. Next to sequin-covered hoodies, leggings and water bottles, attendees pack masks and hand sanitizer. For the few among us currently attending festivals at all, there are new waivers to sign and health checks with which to comply.

Then there are the harsh realities that stifle pre-party anticipation. A visit to what used to be a carefree music event could now result in illness, government mandated quarantines, or something far worse.

Dance promoters and production companies feel the struggle, too. Nearly eight months after the first case was reported in the United States, the novel coronavirus — COVID-19 — has claimed the lives of more than 210,000 Americans, and has dealt an unprecedented blow to the live events industry.

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