People Really Want a Muppets Version of ‘The Great Gatsby

Written by on January 8, 2021

It’s in the public domain now, so have at it.

How much would you pay to see Kermit the Frog as Jay Gatsby and Miss Piggy as Daisy Buchanan? The internet says it would be priceless, especially now that F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic 1925 novel about jazz age romance and the American dream, The Great Gatsby, has crossed over into public domain after its U.S. copyright expired on January 1st.

So now that the classic tale of American strivers and success belongs to all of us, people are advocating for the Muppet gang to slip into something more flapper, because of course they are. And the tweets about it are just classic.

“I don’t understand all these Great Gatsby public domain references to the actual book but I’m very much looking forward to the inevitable Muppets version,” tweeted one Muppethead, with another asking, “Why aren’t there a million muppet remakes of old IP. It’s all anyone wants. It would make literally the entire world happy. It would end hunger and cure several of the more prominent diseases. Jesus would come back just to watch them.”

Every Jan. 1 a new crop of songs, books and movies enter the public domain when their their copyrights expire after 95 years. Given that the Muppets have rocked their own versions of Alice in Wonderland, A Christmas CarolTreasure Island and The Wizard of Oz, it’s not that crazy.

At press time Kermit the Frog had not commented on the matter.


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