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Written by on April 11, 2019

On April 8, 2019, Felicity Huffman had pleaded guilty to charges against her regarding her involvement in the college scandal scheme with an expected 4-10 month federal prison sentence. However, she had found support and advice from Abby Lee Miller, a star from Dance Moms who had previously done jail time for fraud as well.

Source: via OKSTAFF

The advice she gives to Huffman is the following:

“My advice would be to take a deep breath and if you need a consultant, I’m your girl! [Felicity]’s a big star and I think when she gets there, they’re going to be out for her and I don’t necessarily mean the other inmates. It was definitely the guards.” The Dance Moms star revealed that the guards would actively pick on her in prison. She said, “They’re supposed to call you by your name or your number and they would say, ‘Where’s that Dance Moms lady? Where’s that dance lady? We’re gonna get her!’”.

Her last piece of advice to Huffman was this, “Be respectful of everyone, keep a very low profile, be kind to people. Tell your story but listen.”

Although Miller is in support behind the Desperate Housewives star, the same can’t be said about her opinion on Lori Loughlin’s move to reject the plea deal. “Maybe Lori thinks that this is ridiculous that this is happening and she’s just not facing reality,” the Dance Moms coach said, disagreeing on Loughlin’s rejection.

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