VIN DIESEL debut single?!

Written by on September 28, 2020

As Vin Diesel navigates 2020 away from the Fast and Furious set, he video chatted Kelly Clarkson on her show Thursday (Sept. 24) from a recording studio to premiere his debut single “Feel Like I Do” in collaboration with Kygo.

“Feel Like I Do” is the first solo single by the action movie star and according to Diesel, the first song on Kygo’s record label Palm Tree Records. And the tropical house track is perfect to listen to with palm trees swaying in the breeze, but that wasn’t quite the setting for its worldwide debut.

Spaced out video panels on the set of Clarkson’s NBC daytime talk show displayed the usual dancing audience members from their homes, a venue where Diesel felt “honored” to host the first listen of his song. “Kelly, I am so honored to be able to debut my music on your show,” the 53-year-old actor said in a special video message,” because you, since you first won Idol, and till today have somehow maintained your authenticity, I am blessed that on a year that I would normally be on a movie set,… I have another creative outlet.”



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