Will Smith Goes Home to Bel-Air

Written by on September 29, 2020

After exploring the home, Smith and Jazz were joined by the cast Fresh Prince, and the group sign a wall in the mansion. “This image represents all that the Banks family represented,” Smith explains. “All of the hopes, and all of the dreams and all of the possibilities. Being able to grow and excel in the world, being able to have family and love, and make mistakes and not get punished for it, get caught by somebody who cares about you and building and elevating in the world. That image represents an oasis and latter to become whatever the greatest version of yourself is.”

While only one wing of the home will be open to guests, perks include playing basketball inside Will’s old bedroom, lounging by the pool and having meals delivered on silver platters just the way Geoffrey the butler would have liked. Bookings for the residence open on Tuesday (Sept. 29), and cost only $30 a night.


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